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Every bride to offer a way Foot Care

Bride my foot cares is so important for the rest of the preparations of the wedding dress and bouquet, skin care and make-up selection, etc. of the preparations, and in order to softness you only do this program before the wedding date to pedicures:

Before the wedding two weeks: Make sure to take care of clean feet, moisten them, and remove dead flesh from the skin around the nails of the feet, and put nail polish, to know the right color that you adopt your wedding day, as well as try bridal shoes, and at home for a period of not less than one hour, and better to on the stairs during, get off it, and dance as well.
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You need to know very well what if you choose the right one, to change it or replace it if necessary, and make sure the health of your feet, and if they are suffering from swelling or weakness of unknown causes.

Wedding Day: Bring a pair of shoes with a low heel For example, even worn when feeling tired at the end of an evening wedding, and my shoe Wedding Workshop of baby powder, to feet, and avoid complete dancing or walking in the event felt a wound is in your feet.

After an evening wedding: Soak your feet immediately with hot water and salt; to dislodge tiring day with them, if only for ten minutes, then up to feel that the blood returns to surround them, then put decent to them, it is best to wear a boot Medical Center in the period after the wedding, to repeat your life and comfort to your feet.

Recipes and masks to take care of your feet appliances

The skin at the area of the feet and ankles are at all in the whole body. It is thicker than the elbows too, so interest to stay out of the soft things that need special attention.

In addition to the appearance of bad ankles caused by the drought, it also causes severe pain. It is a problem plaguing many unnecessarily so, the solution is simple and available.

The following is a review together some masks home that will soften the feet, ankles and private. Some of these masks cannot be tried elsewhere on the body; it has to be strong and will not be borne by the skin.
Drenched vinegar
Bring a large pot and to half of warm water. Add to it a drop of liquid dish detergent, and then add nearly a cup of white vinegar.
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Put your feet in the vessel for a period of approximately 30 minutes. After the specified period, rinse your feet with a towel and dried cotton, then put a special cream moisturizer skin very dry, and wear cotton socks immediately. This is the way of the best ways to treat the ankles with severe drought, according to the opinions of dermatologists.

Drenched baking soda
Also effective ways to treat dry ankles, put the feet for a period of 30 minutes drenched in baking soda, and prepared, put half a cup of baking soda per gallon of warm water. Well my heart melts evenof soda in the water and then my feet the highest for the period mentioned. Then rinse your feet and then put moisturizing cream and wear cotton socks.

Products to get rid of dandruff
Products to get rid of dandruff usually contain salicylic acid is responsible for getting rid of the accumulated crusts on the scalp. It is possible to exploit this property to resist cracking the ankles and also to get rid of the layer of dry them.

So was acquired one of these products, and Put a small amount of it on the ankles and leave minutes, then rinse and moist and Wear socks as we mentioned in the previous methods.

Cream and parsley

Finally, the choices of other wonderful and safe also on the health of your skin this lye Verde component from the leaves of parsley and cream.

Once a week and palliative enjoy the wonderful characteristic that contains them to treat pimples and alleviate pain. Mix 3 tablespoons of cream with a tablespoon of chopped parsley leaves and mix Put on your face for 10 minutes and then Just wax with rose water.
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Other tips for safe handling of pimples:
Besides the application of one of the previous recipes, you need to follow the following tips to avoid the spread.

Avoid touching or peeling your skin blisters existing hands so as not to spread to all parts of the skin and keep it raised the long-term.
Avoid touching your faces with your hands are not clean or dusty In case you touch the blisters Wash your hands immediately before touching another part of the skin.

If your skin is oily cosmetics avoid creamy or oily.
Drink daily a wealth of water in at least 8 glasses of water is a natural repellent toxins and bacteria.

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Almond Skin mask against cellulite

Every woman wants to have cellulite legs . Therefore, I advise you famous supermodel Almond Sikelin the mask . Freshly prepared mixture of the main uses of the Almond shekels .

This mixture has the appearance of flawless legs . The composition of the mixture Almond thyme , orange oil and is. If you would like to have cellulite on legs , then you can use this mixture . Mixture composition : 10 drops of rosemary oil, 5 drops of orange oil, 5 drops of thyme and mix them all . Apply the mixture to massage your feet .

Then wrap your feet cellophane sheets . In addition , high-speed running and dancing Almond shekels to keep his body in shape . "The most important thing transpire ," said Almond protects these methods helped form the beautiful feet . Remember: every woman is beautiful . Simply , it is necessary to support a bit of beauty . Be healthy and beautiful, dear ladies .
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Anti-cellulite methods
Dear Ladies , If you suffer from cellulite , it will help you soda baths . But soda baths to accept ? 35-37 degree heat 300 grams of water, soda, add 500 grams of sea salt . Please accept vannanı within 20-25 minutes . It is also possible to lose weight using venin .

Another method is a simple silicone or rubber jar anti cellulite . It should be massaged over banking problematic for 5-15 minutes. Please take a shower before starting the massage , using a scrub , apply massage oil Edinburg banks have advantages . It is very convenient to use . Banking hold hands , troubled zone deposit , but I notice that your skin is 1.5 cm . Whether you are in the bank . Or zigzag motion to massage the bottom up, wash with water after finishing edit Marajo and pull anti cellulite cream .

The easiest way to excellence

Always fresh , choosing a healthy diet in order to properly exercise as well as a blow to self-massage . Thanks to the massage head massage hair better fed , healthier , and becomes glossy . When washing your hair massage this nettle , burdock oils can during use . Hair and scalp mask is going to have a positive impact . Head massage oil 100 ml olive , almond or coconut oil , 1 tablespoon dried chamomile blossoms . These products put a dish in a water bath for 30 minutes .
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The heated oil, the smell of flowers him . Filter the oil in a clean jar after 1 week hold. After keeping Filter, put it in the fridge . Before massage, heat enough oil to cotton are to your head and hair . Brush , twisted in a warm towel for 30 minutes and wash with shampoo .

If you do not want to be cellulites’ anti-cellulite massage , massage effect as soon as possible if you want to feel , then held for cellulite body massage , dry with a dry brush in 1-2 minutes use creams . hand massage ? Take that time to yourself , or rather your hands massage them, reflex points located in many care , there is a direct connection to the internal organs . Hand massage has a positive effect on blood circulation .

The simple foot massage foot massage - barefoot in the dewy morning walk on the grass . considered to toe , do not forget to use soft gel .

See the age , nutrition !

Each different creams as well as old-age professionals have devised a diet suitable for all ages . The main difference from the others is that this diet long-term . Youth 15-25 years of age from your partner , an enemy of the regime in the absence of any kind . To look nice and slim " young ". Its main feature is that the composition of the necessary calories : 1800-2000 . Important components of the diet, iron and calcium . Iron is the formation of blood cells (most teenage girls need iron ) . Meat and vegetables ( especially) than iron . Hardening of the bones is calcium .

Dairy products, cheese , eggs , mineral water rich in calcium. Females aged 25-45 years this excess weight gathering : a sedentary lifestyle , improper nutrition, pregnancy, stress . To lose weight and stay in shape you need to follow a few simple rules : everything , but I eat a small amount . At a particular time and eat slowly . Without the need to sit at the table hungry .

Fully saturated with a sense of the table to stand ( if you want to eat again after 20 minutes , so hungry , eat fruit salad ) . Stay away from foods , because they have a lot of salt and fat . Food diet is always oily fish , garlic , vegetables should be. Fish which are rich in antioxidants prevents premature wrinkles and heart problems . Garlic lowers cholesterol levels , improves blood circulation , fights cellulite . Vegetables are good for the operation of the organism . Drink at least 2 liters of fluid per day . He cuts the appetite , the body produces toxins , raises the tone and provide the necessary.

At this age most of the errors : chips , nut , candy, food , breakfast, lunch or a place to eat pine ; (or turns ) or hamburger meal with carbonated water , too much to drink black coffee . 10-12 kg of weight during pregnancy increases a woman . If it excess weight , then. Therefore, the special diets for pregnant women , doctors are present . Consult a doctor if you have any food to give up . Nine months because it is very important for you and your baby .

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After 45 + years many women . This is a natural process in the body due to : hormonal activity decreases, slowing down your metabolism . As before, the right to make yourself feel lighter and younger condition.
The best diet is the norm to wait for everything . The body of calcium , zinc , protein , vitamin C is required. 900-1200 mg of calcium a day , which is to get away from the teeth to protect the health and osteoporosis . dairy products , chickpeas , you need to mineral water . Fish , seafood , zinc cells which slows down aging , strengthen the immune system , strengthens the nervous system , affecting the nervous system, the best natural antioxidant. The muscles need protein to maintain elasticity and skin tone . More white meat and fish protein . Vitamin C is necessary at any age . Citrus fruits , kiwi fruit , eat lots of berries .

Your device : Awaken your stomach and intestines to work in the morning drink warm water to help . 15 + years : Breakfast : half a grapefruit 2 kiwi fruit , boiled eggs , coffee or unsweetened tea . Lunch : raw vegetables or salad ( mayonnaise ) , white meat ( chicken breast, turkey ) , green vegetables ( broccoli , peas , beans ) , a slice of bread , yogurt or fruit . Dinner : vegetable soup or salad , or vegetables, fish, eggs , yogurt . 25 + years : Breakfast : coffee or regular tea , 2 slices of bread and butter. Lunch : raw vegetables or vegetable soup . Remember that more often hamburgers . As well as opening the way for more than 150 g of meat or fish (or 2 eggs ) ,

vegetable garnish , natural yogurt . Dinner : lots of fruits and vegetables ( raw or cooked in a little vegetable oil ) , yogurt or fat-free cottage cheese , herbal tea , rose hips or kefir brewing . 45 + years : Breakfast : coffee with milk , a slice of bread , yogurt . Lunch : soup or raw vegetables , 100 grams of meat , fish or 2 eggs , mashed potatoes , vegetables , cheese , bread, fruit. Dinner : vegetable soup , mashed potatoes , meat or fish ( to eat breakfast in aslıl ) , yogurt or fruit salad. Dear ladies , how are you , are fed according to their age ?

Some rules about proper nutrition

 It is possible to mitigate the adverse effects of cholesterol in egg body. Therefore, the ingestion of egg fat yogurt and simplifies the process of digestion. The older , less moving , eat egg allergies people as possible , people who are active and involved in sports often helpful to eat eggs . Because of the structure of egg proteins that are necessary for the human body , manganese , iron , copper , calcium and cobalt exists . In addition, an effective tool against eggs.

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Phosphorus nutrition of the nervous system is considered as the source of the eggs . 6 Eat as much as you like seafood . Seafood is very useful. Their iodine , proteins , vitamins A and D are enough . Responsible for marine ( fish ) prevents blood vessels . Blind the eyes of those who use these products often and rarely complain of memory . 7 Salt .

These foods do not give up completely . We can simply reduce the use of salt . Hypertension can not be categorically carriers salty meal . Complete rejection of the gastric juice may reduce the ability of the salt solution . Always be a certain amount of salt in the blood as well .

 But it does not mean that the salt should be eaten at any meal . 8 alcoholic drinks . Alcoholic drinks poison and tired body . Alcoholic beverages inhibits the activity of the brain , causing partial loss of movement and thinking ability .

 Alcoholic beverages blood circulation weakens. Asked later merged to form ethyl alcohol and iron in the blood causes the human. Generally to be used for the treatment of red wine , this is not acceptable to open a discussion about the use of alcoholic beverages .

Therefore, we are closing the topic . One thing to take into account that the spirits of the human body brings more damage than good .