Sunday, 2 February 2014

Obese People Need More Food For The Feeling Of Satiety

American researchers said, that the people who suffer from an increase in weight may need to eat more food to feel satiety, even after losing some weight, because accustomed to eat foods rich in fat stomach always damaging.

The researchers found that of the University of Adelaide nerves of the stomach, which sends satiety signals to the brain seem useless allergies permanently after the consumption of foods rich in fat for a long time.The study also showed, according to the newspaper / Daily Telegraph / UK, that diets high in fat and destroy the function of the hormone lepton, which alters the sensitivity of the nerves of the stomach and regulate the amount of food we eat.

Introduction Joey Atlas
The authors said the study, said that the meeting of these two mechanisms together mean that obese people need to eat more food to feel satiety, which in turn makes their own cycle of obesity continue.They pointed out that the nerves of the stomach does not return to normal after the return to a normal diet, and this means that a person would need to eat more before feeling the same degree as the one natural satiety.

The researchers explained that this study comes in the context of an attempt to discover the reasons to keep a very small number of people on weight after following systems to lose weight, and added that the study results carry "signals a very strong" for people obese and who are trying to lose weight, and also seeking to install their weight after following a diet.

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