Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Warnings resorting to Botox treatment

Pregnancy and lactation

Severe muscle weakness

Treatment with anti-inflammatory

Antiretroviral treatment for blood clotting

Sensitivity against the rule of «a Botox»

Based on the experiences of a large number of women, recognizes some of the studies that the procedure Botox treatment to relieve
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muscle spasms external and internal pre-load, divided into three stages, separating each of them for four months, helping the wife to permanently get rid of the contractions that cause pain, due to that the process of pregnancy and childbirth contribute to stretch the muscles that they can be loosening, more than ever before.

Between the times needed to enjoy an intimate experience free from spasms and acute pain, between two weeks and six weeks after a first treatment of BOTOX.

Acknowledges, chairman of the department of obstetrics and gynecological surgery at Saint George Hospital - Beirut that some women suffer from severe cramps and contractions so not even to undergo anesthesia injection, Botox injection process becomes almost impossible

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