Thursday, 6 February 2014

rules about proper nutrition

Hundreds are tips on how to normal . Thousand Years of experience have shown that the majority of the food used in our cuisine not so for the organism , natural selection , according to the law and practice of the majority of those foods would be removed from the daily menu for a long time . Generally any food to eat or not to eat is a relative term .
Some people refuse to eat the types of food from other nations and vice-versa . 1 Eat as many vegetables . At first glance, this advice is accepted by most people .
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There are a lot of vegetables vitamins . Auxiliary tool in the process of digestion of vegetables . Vegetables low in calories , so it is easier to digest , brings appetite , normalizes blood pressure .
An important factor to take into account that a large amount of people who are in violation of the gastrointestinal system poses a challenge to eat vegetables . Acute ingestion may cause a lot of vegetables . Making the same kinds of vegetables on a regular basis causes. Everybody knows that the best qanyaradıcının foods of animal origin . 2 Avoid fatty foods, oily and fatty foods of animal origin device away from the ( fatty meats , sausages , sausages ) .

This dramatically increases the amount of cholesterol in foods the body , inhibits the activity of the cardiovascular system , blood pressure rises , veins . On the other hand, fatty substances, vitamins A and E to refuse it means to refuse . Growth of vitamin A , which is the main base of the eye 's ability to see normally . Retains the freshness and beauty of the skin causing generation of vitamin E and essential is that the group -soluble vitamins include vitamins A & E oils . Thus , in the absence of fat in the body can not digest and accept them . Lack of fatty acids in the body when a person is prone to sugar reluctantly .

As a result of excessive weight gain occurs. 3 Beneficial use of vegetable oils. Vegetable oils are good for the heart . Because there is no cholesterol vegetable oils . prevents excessive vegetable oils , enhances the immune system of the body is the eye's vision has a positive effect.
Every day you can eat 20 grams of fat of animal origin , not only because of the many vitamins and proteins are animal fats torch . 4 Please refrain from carbohydrates .

 Carbohydrates is the main energy source for the organism . But its excess can cause obesity . Therefore, sugar, flour products and sweet foods, it is advisable to use as little as possible . 5 Do not eat more than 3 eggs a week . Eggs are considered to be the type of nutritious meals . Egg yolks have cholesterol as much as half of what is fresh meat. Of cholesterol in egg lecithin has also divided the same item that can destroy cholesterol . It is not recommended to eat eggs at night.

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