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Every bride to offer a way Foot Care

Bride my foot cares is so important for the rest of the preparations of the wedding dress and bouquet, skin care and make-up selection, etc. of the preparations, and in order to softness you only do this program before the wedding date to pedicures:

Before the wedding two weeks: Make sure to take care of clean feet, moisten them, and remove dead flesh from the skin around the nails of the feet, and put nail polish, to know the right color that you adopt your wedding day, as well as try bridal shoes, and at home for a period of not less than one hour, and better to on the stairs during, get off it, and dance as well.
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You need to know very well what if you choose the right one, to change it or replace it if necessary, and make sure the health of your feet, and if they are suffering from swelling or weakness of unknown causes.

Wedding Day: Bring a pair of shoes with a low heel For example, even worn when feeling tired at the end of an evening wedding, and my shoe Wedding Workshop of baby powder, to feet, and avoid complete dancing or walking in the event felt a wound is in your feet.

After an evening wedding: Soak your feet immediately with hot water and salt; to dislodge tiring day with them, if only for ten minutes, then up to feel that the blood returns to surround them, then put decent to them, it is best to wear a boot Medical Center in the period after the wedding, to repeat your life and comfort to your feet.

Recipes and masks to take care of your feet appliances

The skin at the area of the feet and ankles are at all in the whole body. It is thicker than the elbows too, so interest to stay out of the soft things that need special attention.

In addition to the appearance of bad ankles caused by the drought, it also causes severe pain. It is a problem plaguing many unnecessarily so, the solution is simple and available.

The following is a review together some masks home that will soften the feet, ankles and private. Some of these masks cannot be tried elsewhere on the body; it has to be strong and will not be borne by the skin.
Drenched vinegar
Bring a large pot and to half of warm water. Add to it a drop of liquid dish detergent, and then add nearly a cup of white vinegar.
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Put your feet in the vessel for a period of approximately 30 minutes. After the specified period, rinse your feet with a towel and dried cotton, then put a special cream moisturizer skin very dry, and wear cotton socks immediately. This is the way of the best ways to treat the ankles with severe drought, according to the opinions of dermatologists.

Drenched baking soda
Also effective ways to treat dry ankles, put the feet for a period of 30 minutes drenched in baking soda, and prepared, put half a cup of baking soda per gallon of warm water. Well my heart melts evenof soda in the water and then my feet the highest for the period mentioned. Then rinse your feet and then put moisturizing cream and wear cotton socks.

Products to get rid of dandruff
Products to get rid of dandruff usually contain salicylic acid is responsible for getting rid of the accumulated crusts on the scalp. It is possible to exploit this property to resist cracking the ankles and also to get rid of the layer of dry them.

So was acquired one of these products, and Put a small amount of it on the ankles and leave minutes, then rinse and moist and Wear socks as we mentioned in the previous methods.

Cream and parsley

Finally, the choices of other wonderful and safe also on the health of your skin this lye Verde component from the leaves of parsley and cream.

Once a week and palliative enjoy the wonderful characteristic that contains them to treat pimples and alleviate pain. Mix 3 tablespoons of cream with a tablespoon of chopped parsley leaves and mix Put on your face for 10 minutes and then Just wax with rose water.
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Other tips for safe handling of pimples:
Besides the application of one of the previous recipes, you need to follow the following tips to avoid the spread.

Avoid touching or peeling your skin blisters existing hands so as not to spread to all parts of the skin and keep it raised the long-term.
Avoid touching your faces with your hands are not clean or dusty In case you touch the blisters Wash your hands immediately before touching another part of the skin.

If your skin is oily cosmetics avoid creamy or oily.
Drink daily a wealth of water in at least 8 glasses of water is a natural repellent toxins and bacteria.

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Almond Skin mask against cellulite

Every woman wants to have cellulite legs . Therefore, I advise you famous supermodel Almond Sikelin the mask . Freshly prepared mixture of the main uses of the Almond shekels .

This mixture has the appearance of flawless legs . The composition of the mixture Almond thyme , orange oil and is. If you would like to have cellulite on legs , then you can use this mixture . Mixture composition : 10 drops of rosemary oil, 5 drops of orange oil, 5 drops of thyme and mix them all . Apply the mixture to massage your feet .

Then wrap your feet cellophane sheets . In addition , high-speed running and dancing Almond shekels to keep his body in shape . "The most important thing transpire ," said Almond protects these methods helped form the beautiful feet . Remember: every woman is beautiful . Simply , it is necessary to support a bit of beauty . Be healthy and beautiful, dear ladies .
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Anti-cellulite methods
Dear Ladies , If you suffer from cellulite , it will help you soda baths . But soda baths to accept ? 35-37 degree heat 300 grams of water, soda, add 500 grams of sea salt . Please accept vannanı within 20-25 minutes . It is also possible to lose weight using venin .

Another method is a simple silicone or rubber jar anti cellulite . It should be massaged over banking problematic for 5-15 minutes. Please take a shower before starting the massage , using a scrub , apply massage oil Edinburg banks have advantages . It is very convenient to use . Banking hold hands , troubled zone deposit , but I notice that your skin is 1.5 cm . Whether you are in the bank . Or zigzag motion to massage the bottom up, wash with water after finishing edit Marajo and pull anti cellulite cream .

The easiest way to excellence

Always fresh , choosing a healthy diet in order to properly exercise as well as a blow to self-massage . Thanks to the massage head massage hair better fed , healthier , and becomes glossy . When washing your hair massage this nettle , burdock oils can during use . Hair and scalp mask is going to have a positive impact . Head massage oil 100 ml olive , almond or coconut oil , 1 tablespoon dried chamomile blossoms . These products put a dish in a water bath for 30 minutes .
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The heated oil, the smell of flowers him . Filter the oil in a clean jar after 1 week hold. After keeping Filter, put it in the fridge . Before massage, heat enough oil to cotton are to your head and hair . Brush , twisted in a warm towel for 30 minutes and wash with shampoo .

If you do not want to be cellulites’ anti-cellulite massage , massage effect as soon as possible if you want to feel , then held for cellulite body massage , dry with a dry brush in 1-2 minutes use creams . hand massage ? Take that time to yourself , or rather your hands massage them, reflex points located in many care , there is a direct connection to the internal organs . Hand massage has a positive effect on blood circulation .

The simple foot massage foot massage - barefoot in the dewy morning walk on the grass . considered to toe , do not forget to use soft gel .

See the age , nutrition !

Each different creams as well as old-age professionals have devised a diet suitable for all ages . The main difference from the others is that this diet long-term . Youth 15-25 years of age from your partner , an enemy of the regime in the absence of any kind . To look nice and slim " young ". Its main feature is that the composition of the necessary calories : 1800-2000 . Important components of the diet, iron and calcium . Iron is the formation of blood cells (most teenage girls need iron ) . Meat and vegetables ( especially) than iron . Hardening of the bones is calcium .

Dairy products, cheese , eggs , mineral water rich in calcium. Females aged 25-45 years this excess weight gathering : a sedentary lifestyle , improper nutrition, pregnancy, stress . To lose weight and stay in shape you need to follow a few simple rules : everything , but I eat a small amount . At a particular time and eat slowly . Without the need to sit at the table hungry .

Fully saturated with a sense of the table to stand ( if you want to eat again after 20 minutes , so hungry , eat fruit salad ) . Stay away from foods , because they have a lot of salt and fat . Food diet is always oily fish , garlic , vegetables should be. Fish which are rich in antioxidants prevents premature wrinkles and heart problems . Garlic lowers cholesterol levels , improves blood circulation , fights cellulite . Vegetables are good for the operation of the organism . Drink at least 2 liters of fluid per day . He cuts the appetite , the body produces toxins , raises the tone and provide the necessary.

At this age most of the errors : chips , nut , candy, food , breakfast, lunch or a place to eat pine ; (or turns ) or hamburger meal with carbonated water , too much to drink black coffee . 10-12 kg of weight during pregnancy increases a woman . If it excess weight , then. Therefore, the special diets for pregnant women , doctors are present . Consult a doctor if you have any food to give up . Nine months because it is very important for you and your baby .

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After 45 + years many women . This is a natural process in the body due to : hormonal activity decreases, slowing down your metabolism . As before, the right to make yourself feel lighter and younger condition.
The best diet is the norm to wait for everything . The body of calcium , zinc , protein , vitamin C is required. 900-1200 mg of calcium a day , which is to get away from the teeth to protect the health and osteoporosis . dairy products , chickpeas , you need to mineral water . Fish , seafood , zinc cells which slows down aging , strengthen the immune system , strengthens the nervous system , affecting the nervous system, the best natural antioxidant. The muscles need protein to maintain elasticity and skin tone . More white meat and fish protein . Vitamin C is necessary at any age . Citrus fruits , kiwi fruit , eat lots of berries .

Your device : Awaken your stomach and intestines to work in the morning drink warm water to help . 15 + years : Breakfast : half a grapefruit 2 kiwi fruit , boiled eggs , coffee or unsweetened tea . Lunch : raw vegetables or salad ( mayonnaise ) , white meat ( chicken breast, turkey ) , green vegetables ( broccoli , peas , beans ) , a slice of bread , yogurt or fruit . Dinner : vegetable soup or salad , or vegetables, fish, eggs , yogurt . 25 + years : Breakfast : coffee or regular tea , 2 slices of bread and butter. Lunch : raw vegetables or vegetable soup . Remember that more often hamburgers . As well as opening the way for more than 150 g of meat or fish (or 2 eggs ) ,

vegetable garnish , natural yogurt . Dinner : lots of fruits and vegetables ( raw or cooked in a little vegetable oil ) , yogurt or fat-free cottage cheese , herbal tea , rose hips or kefir brewing . 45 + years : Breakfast : coffee with milk , a slice of bread , yogurt . Lunch : soup or raw vegetables , 100 grams of meat , fish or 2 eggs , mashed potatoes , vegetables , cheese , bread, fruit. Dinner : vegetable soup , mashed potatoes , meat or fish ( to eat breakfast in aslıl ) , yogurt or fruit salad. Dear ladies , how are you , are fed according to their age ?

Some rules about proper nutrition

 It is possible to mitigate the adverse effects of cholesterol in egg body. Therefore, the ingestion of egg fat yogurt and simplifies the process of digestion. The older , less moving , eat egg allergies people as possible , people who are active and involved in sports often helpful to eat eggs . Because of the structure of egg proteins that are necessary for the human body , manganese , iron , copper , calcium and cobalt exists . In addition, an effective tool against eggs.

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Phosphorus nutrition of the nervous system is considered as the source of the eggs . 6 Eat as much as you like seafood . Seafood is very useful. Their iodine , proteins , vitamins A and D are enough . Responsible for marine ( fish ) prevents blood vessels . Blind the eyes of those who use these products often and rarely complain of memory . 7 Salt .

These foods do not give up completely . We can simply reduce the use of salt . Hypertension can not be categorically carriers salty meal . Complete rejection of the gastric juice may reduce the ability of the salt solution . Always be a certain amount of salt in the blood as well .

 But it does not mean that the salt should be eaten at any meal . 8 alcoholic drinks . Alcoholic drinks poison and tired body . Alcoholic beverages inhibits the activity of the brain , causing partial loss of movement and thinking ability .

 Alcoholic beverages blood circulation weakens. Asked later merged to form ethyl alcohol and iron in the blood causes the human. Generally to be used for the treatment of red wine , this is not acceptable to open a discussion about the use of alcoholic beverages .

Therefore, we are closing the topic . One thing to take into account that the spirits of the human body brings more damage than good .

rules about proper nutrition

Hundreds are tips on how to normal . Thousand Years of experience have shown that the majority of the food used in our cuisine not so for the organism , natural selection , according to the law and practice of the majority of those foods would be removed from the daily menu for a long time . Generally any food to eat or not to eat is a relative term .
Some people refuse to eat the types of food from other nations and vice-versa . 1 Eat as many vegetables . At first glance, this advice is accepted by most people .
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There are a lot of vegetables vitamins . Auxiliary tool in the process of digestion of vegetables . Vegetables low in calories , so it is easier to digest , brings appetite , normalizes blood pressure .
An important factor to take into account that a large amount of people who are in violation of the gastrointestinal system poses a challenge to eat vegetables . Acute ingestion may cause a lot of vegetables . Making the same kinds of vegetables on a regular basis causes. Everybody knows that the best qanyaradıcının foods of animal origin . 2 Avoid fatty foods, oily and fatty foods of animal origin device away from the ( fatty meats , sausages , sausages ) .

This dramatically increases the amount of cholesterol in foods the body , inhibits the activity of the cardiovascular system , blood pressure rises , veins . On the other hand, fatty substances, vitamins A and E to refuse it means to refuse . Growth of vitamin A , which is the main base of the eye 's ability to see normally . Retains the freshness and beauty of the skin causing generation of vitamin E and essential is that the group -soluble vitamins include vitamins A & E oils . Thus , in the absence of fat in the body can not digest and accept them . Lack of fatty acids in the body when a person is prone to sugar reluctantly .

As a result of excessive weight gain occurs. 3 Beneficial use of vegetable oils. Vegetable oils are good for the heart . Because there is no cholesterol vegetable oils . prevents excessive vegetable oils , enhances the immune system of the body is the eye's vision has a positive effect.
Every day you can eat 20 grams of fat of animal origin , not only because of the many vitamins and proteins are animal fats torch . 4 Please refrain from carbohydrates .

 Carbohydrates is the main energy source for the organism . But its excess can cause obesity . Therefore, sugar, flour products and sweet foods, it is advisable to use as little as possible . 5 Do not eat more than 3 eggs a week . Eggs are considered to be the type of nutritious meals . Egg yolks have cholesterol as much as half of what is fresh meat. Of cholesterol in egg lecithin has also divided the same item that can destroy cholesterol . It is not recommended to eat eggs at night.

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Warnings resorting to Botox treatment

Pregnancy and lactation

Severe muscle weakness

Treatment with anti-inflammatory

Antiretroviral treatment for blood clotting

Sensitivity against the rule of «a Botox»

Based on the experiences of a large number of women, recognizes some of the studies that the procedure Botox treatment to relieve
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muscle spasms external and internal pre-load, divided into three stages, separating each of them for four months, helping the wife to permanently get rid of the contractions that cause pain, due to that the process of pregnancy and childbirth contribute to stretch the muscles that they can be loosening, more than ever before.

Between the times needed to enjoy an intimate experience free from spasms and acute pain, between two weeks and six weeks after a first treatment of BOTOX.

Acknowledges, chairman of the department of obstetrics and gynecological surgery at Saint George Hospital - Beirut that some women suffer from severe cramps and contractions so not even to undergo anesthesia injection, Botox injection process becomes almost impossible

Is the salvation of marital happiness in Botox injections?

The symptoms of pain associated with the marital relationship causes, including undiagnosed scientifically, and other unknown is given mostly specialists, which appear in the form of severe cramps in the muscles of the genitals, to psychological factors.

The fear remains, which is almost becoming an obsession for many women, a repeat of the experience of pain, the most inevitable! The tension that accompanies communicate intimate displays turn these muscles to crunch more and more, and therefore leads to the impossibility of communication, and even to be avoided by both spouses.
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Since more than ten years, the evolution of Botox treatment, attributed mainly to its ability to hide the effects of aging skin through the relaxation of the facial muscles expressive, even reach the specialists to be used in the treatment of vaginal spasms of all kinds, as a fast-acting solutions compared to traditional physiological and psychological. What do you say studies and experiences and opinion Gynecology in the revolution of this new generation?

What are the implications of the latter on the health of women and their relationship to marital intimacy?

Stages of natural medicine treatment for a paralyzed

Who among us is not fair to have an incident may occur because of an error or what, or because of a psychiatric condition, and months of psychological symptoms is the appearance of paralysis, how can cure that situation.

Specialist Physiotherapist, and a member of the Egyptian Society for the Study of Obesity, was the patient who suffers from paraplegia or what is known as flaccid, a condition suffered by the patient of that half of his body left or right does not move ever but it feels a sense.
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She added that the patient in this case is in the case of the start of treatment with doctors Neurosurgery until the healing of the internal damage to the nerves, and then begins the role of physical therapy and start treatment for that case, while acknowledging that the duration of treatment may be long or short according to God's will and the will of the patient and the situation.

In the first month of treatment case, the physical therapy daily limits in an hour and a half every day and physical therapy is the use of the alarm system, a neuromuscular Faradic months of devices that are used to alert the muscles and nerves to restore muscle movement normally.

As has been the use of exercises called passive exercise, a workout in which a processor of natural move the parties to the patient himself, giving a signal to the brain to move and helps to restore them later self and naturally, there are many ways alert to the muscles and nerves, there are exercises called technique, a set of exercises combined where Move the upper limb or lower using all the muscles in one party at one time.

In this first phase of the treatment is to stimulate the patient's psychological and strengthen the will and Models of God has already healed and this increases the morale of the patient.

How to wash hair the correct manner?

Avoid washing your hair frequently, but if you notice that your hair is in need of laundry a day, it could be due to the use of inferior products for hair care, or is suitable for your hair type.

If you own hair, use a shampoo! This may seem a little bit strange, but you'll notice the difference if you use only soothes, poetry often it is dry, use a shampoo and may lead to increased dryness, either use only soothes hair a healthy appearance.

Truth About Cellulite
It is necessary to put bath cream on your hair if you users of hair dyes frequently, because your hair is in need some moisture that help to resist damage, put decent bathroom after washing your hair with shampoo before using balsam, and you can in this case not to use balsamic if you find your hair It need not be.

As for the methods of hair care after washing here are some general tips that you can follow:
After drying your hair with a towel, put the appropriate amount of cream or oil appropriate for your hair on your brush layering, and well, until it reaches the oil or cream all over your hair when layering, which ensures that you felt free of wrinkles. 

Comb your hair from the roots up the limbs with each decade wiring in it gently.

If you find that your hair became greasy appearance, you can put a small amount of talcum powder or dry shampoo (which is spray or powder) on the roots, then styling.
Avoid combing your hair wet, and then do that if I had a wide-tooth comb.

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Cocktail recipes for muscle building

This cocktail is also suitable for moments when you simply put "chasing the sweet tooth." 

1 scoop strawberry whey protein powder
1 cup frozen strawberries
350 ml water
2 tablespoons strawberry syrup or juice first three raw materials put into a blender and blend well.
Then pour a little strawberry syrup or thicker juice into a glass and turn the glass so that the syrup spilled over the walls. Only then pour the finished cocktail and you can now enjoy.
1 cocktail has about 245 kcal, 20 g protein, 41 g carbohydrates and almost no fat.
Introduction Joey Atlas
Additional benefits that will bring the individual raw materials are as follows:
Frozen berries - fruits as such is component often cocktails primarily because it contains sugars - fructose and glucose, which is relatively quickly digested.
Due to the fact that you add strawberry syrup, you can use cocktail and after training, as it will increase the amount of available rapidly digestible carbohydrates.

And if you use just frozen fruit, so we achieve that the resulting drink will have a thick consistency.
Strawberry whey protein powder after a workout is ideal for starting regeneration, since whey is quickly digested and thus provide important nutrients to your muscles time.

Natural bodybuilding diet

All items put into a blender and blend well.
1 serving contains 229 calories, 30 g protein, 22 g carbohydrates and 2.5 grams of fat.
And what will benefit the above foods?

Low fat milk contains a lot of protein and more than 30% of the recommended daily allowance of calcium (in 1 cup). Moreover, adds great flavor cocktail.
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Cinnamon is usually only used for seasoning, but plays an important role in reducing insulin levels because it increases the use of sugar in muscle tissue. And since insulin is associated with fat deposition and reduced its level will enjoy. Cinnamon naturally also promotes metabolism.

Vanilla casein protein powder in conjunction with the acid in the stomach forms a gel. Thanks to this, individual amino acids released more slowly into the body.

Casein also not negatively affects appetite - which had been in the past quite often faulted.
Cocktail will certainly disrupt your diet.

Pumpkin puree is a source of beta carotene (color many things already tell). Beta carotene is a powerful antioxidant that is beneficial to all body tissues. Beta carotene is actually two molecules of vitamin A connected together and vitamin A is an essential ingredient in the production of energy.

MICELARSTRAWBERRY SURPRISE you like beverages from frozen fruit? It would be strange if you said no. There are not many people who would resist such drinks.

Fruits are full of vitamins and well-chosen cocktail will give you besides this, the necessary proteins, so here we have an ideal post-workout drink.

Important nutrients for bodybuilding

Whatever your interests may be and cocktails are always on hand to provide you with important nutrients.
If you are a regular drinkers and cocktail shaker is one of your best friends, so maybe limited to a few cocktails and maybe you have somehow cease
In this article we bring some tips on cocktails that you can try. We hope you will enjoy the cocktails and will be a nice change in your diet.
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Each of these cocktails can be used for a specific time - for breakfast, bedtime, etc.
For each cocktail you will of course have listed all the essential details.
Prepare a shaker and go to it!

HOLIDAY TEMPTATION - the perfect cocktail for any holiday
Holidays are a nutritional point of view at all simple period. All around us a lot of pitfalls lurking in the form of a variety of sweet and savory delicacies

And even if you are among the most dedicated bodybuilders, you can still slip and sin when a portion allows one or two days, so it does not endanger the muscles.

 Of course, such inordinate period cannot be infinitely long.
Cocktail, which we have for you in store as the first taste of festive and sure to fall in love with him
Working up an appetite for the sweet piece of cake, so do not hesitate to reach for the following ingredients in a hurry them into a blender whether "succumb" to this cocktail than the aforementioned cake.

  Ingredients: 1 cup skim milk 1 scoop vanilla (preferably casein) protein powder 1 teaspoon cinnamon ½ cup pumpkin puree or small pieces of pumpkin - diced

Professions that could be fantastic to combine with bodybuilding

 Suddenly, there have been many professions that could be fantastic to combine with bodybuilding, such as bouncers in the new discos, brothels, uh, actually, Night clubs, a variety of security, but also work in the gym, personal trainers, etc. first.

Just absolute concentration on bodybuilding and total submission to her lifestyle
 Perhaps because of this period came very strong generation of bodybuilders such as, Black, and of courses plenty of others that I would not like to forget.
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But he also was not internet, not facebook, not so readily and simply steal movies and music, it was not possible to simply send today that I cannot practice, could not go to the movies, when one felt like it was not so much money on a pocket that is today, was still too short activities that could distract you from your workout.

So I think that if you avoid the things that you just prepare on time for sleeping, eating and training, if you live bodybuilding when she firmly and uncompromisingly grafted into their lives, you submit to its demands, the results will come.

Must a feeling that you are different, that are beyond the herd that your life has rules and regulations, so that gives you a sense of confidence that the future will use in other aspects of your lives
Cocktails that you will surely
You need to quickly add important nutrients to your muscles, but somehow just catch consume their regular portions of meat and rice?
do not have to panic that your muscles will starve and you'll lose so soundly built mass. Or do you want your muscles to "feed" before bed, but the thought of "rigid" diet you doing too well?

If you want to be a bodybuilder

In short, do what you and others out of your head. If you want to be cruel strength does not lie on an exercise bike and eat as a sparrow. If you want to be a bodybuilder, on Friday at the disco and on girls sex at five in the morning
 Focus only on the things that lead to your goal. Late nights, booze and spending on crap you there but I cannot.
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And why are missing one decently generation of bodybuilders? Of course, apart from a few great exceptions
Since she came into the world at a time when the various attractions, glitter, entertainment and other was suddenly an awful lot.
Suddenly, born from scratch
There was not a priority to learn later, concerns the hump now it is difficult. So I think that the current generation to 25 years old is a little different, in that the grown and it had nothing less surprising.
And this is perhaps the reason why the competition returns racers in greater numbers than ever before it was 5-7 years ago when bodybuilding was a real downturn in the country.

We present forties, we grew up during the tumultuous changes in society, they believed that bodybuilding even earns, of view of the first magazines, which were shipped here from the first trips to the west.

And I think I can speak for an entire generation when I say that we did not have the brains out anything other than bodybuilding.
Made their first public gym, which, however, have brutally far from those of today, created various rival clans and everyone wanted to be better than the other. There was a huge competition in bodybuilding is million categories.

Do you want to be a bodybuilder

Everything you buy later. But to find a direction in life, purpose, belonging to a group of people, regardless of the other group considers you a fool, to fill you with satisfaction much more than some plastic contraption.
Just as there is a problem if you do not know what you do in the gym and it is important to clarify.

Do you want to be a bodybuilder to keep your hands 40 cm?
Or just want to have great strength and appearance will not that matter? It's good to get this straight.
I want to be a bit like a bodybuilder, but not much, I liked girls, but I also want to have great strength, but I do not have big thighs, I do not like ... too much I want to gain weight and have like those guys in the photos.

TO HELL and I do not mean just Hell Gel. But they certainly know that this is by no means unique, and right now, during the New Year contrary, quite common.
Introduction Joey Atlas
No wonder then that the people have a mess.
 Do you want power? Okay, practices as powerlifter, Eat as what he comes across, and you have the strength.
Want to be a bodybuilder? OK, practice accordingly, but especially heed of that. I.e.Obey the diet, pay attention to proper food, train and sleep.

A mainly to do so every dayYou want to have big thighs, just hands, breasts and stuff? All right, that's your choice, your body.
 Eventually, although you'll look ridiculous, but before you change these priorities, trains top and legs dodge.

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Prohibited Foods Ingested Before Exercise

Beats you nutrition experts warning bell even avoid taking eating certain foods before exercise, because of the resulting disorder of the stomach next to reduce the level of energy in the body, which makes you feel tired quickly after performing any exercise, even if it was simple.

Here are five foods experts warn of ingested immediately before exercise, with a simplified explanation of the scientific reason to avoid them.
Carbohydrate foods:
The pasta, potatoes and rice from carbohydrate-rich foods and to many, but nutrition experts advise taking it completely free of any additives or simply put tomato paste "sauce" on them.

In this, experts say feeding that many people like to eat pasta or foods before performing aerobic exercise, but those cuisines become dangerous if you add Cream Sauce or spices warm to it, where he works on each increase upset stomach next to increase the number of heart Once to do any movement.

French fries:
Probably be eating potatoes of the things that gives you the energy needed to exercise, but that does not mean that fries before exercise directly.

Light "Snack" fried be rich in fat, which slows down your movements until you get to the full feeling of apathy and the need for convenience, and therefore when you lose your desired exercise.

There is also some snacks “Snack” health, such as melted cheese or almond kernels, however, by the high proportion of fats also cause drowsiness, transformed into energy within the body, but less energy from carbohydrates and protein.

We cannot forget that high-fat foods give a feeling of bloat, which makes you feel the difficulty of movement when you exercise.
Protein-rich foods:

Is a protein-rich food a two-edged weapon, although the protein vital source of energy and build muscle can also be a direct cause you to feel overwhelmed when excessive exercise.

This is because eating high protein - either through food or disks that are sold in pharmacies - before exercise directly, works to reduce the required percentage of carbohydrates in the body, which reduces the energy level.

Simple Tips For Better Fitness

1 - Put the goals set eyes
If you do not goals to achieve, you definitely will not of achieving them. Make sure you know what kind of results you would like to be achieved through the development of clear objectives. Develop a national timeframes and determine exactly your goals as much as possible. My goals always set your eyes and watch for your progress in achieving these goals by writing a weekly accomplishments.

2 - Being committed, and dress seriously
You must seriously if you want to change the body. In order to lose weight, you'll be in need of exercises "cardio" for 30 minutes five times per week along with some resistance exercises or power.
What is the weight-bearing exercise?

The basic weight-bearing exercises to build strong bones and maintain, which is about any activity you're doing while you're standing on your feet and legs, where these exercises move your muscles and bones reverse gravity. And while doing weight-bearing exercises, bones adapt to the weight of the weight and movement of muscles by building more bone cells. Thus the bones become stronger and more intense, while decreases the risk of fracture in the bone disease or osteoporosis.
And weight-bearing exercises include both of the following:

Walking, running, hiking
Aerobics exercises using small platform (Step Aerobics) and the rise of grades
Intramural sports including basketball and football
Racket games like tennis and racquetball
Weight lifting exercises
Although the swim and bike riding are among the exercises excellent, especially for the health of the heart and blood vessels, they do not promise to the weight-bearing exercises.

3 - Intellectual positively
We have evaluated the development of goals and determined to achieve these goals, should now your plan. Always in the benefits that would accrue to abide by this plan it is will help you and motivates you to achieve the goals.

4 - Help your body to burn calories
Training exercises requires a change of high density to low density exercises to compensate. The example of walking at a moderate pace and then switch to running fast and back again to walk. Studies indicate that the body continues to burn calories even after you stop exercising such exercises.

5 - Militants multiple muscle groups
These exercises are the best way to increase strength and build muscle in the fastest time. It also works to stimulate the metabolic rate and help burn more calories even after cessation of exercise.
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6 - Exercise wisely
Must be resistance exercises and "cardio" is an essential part of your routine sports. What is needed is to get the required balance between both and determine the ratio of the exercise, according to need and this is determined according to the goals that you would like to achieve.
Most women ignore weight lifting exercises to ignorance of the importance of these exercises and the many benefits that result from exercise. The exercises lifting weights will give you a strong body attractive and will help you burn more calories and prevent infection with many diseases and arthritis.

7 - Eat a balanced diet
Healthy food promotes physical activity and performance and replace, results and ensures the work of all the body functions optimally. In general, we recommend that you stay away from eating complex carbohydrates evening and refrain from drinking any alcoholic substances.

Strength Exercises To Get Rid Of Excess Weight

Your secret weapon to get rid of excess weight is the force in the sport. Adding strength training or resistance to your daily activity will help you to build muscle and burn large amounts of calories before and during your exercise sports, according to fitness experts.
Researchers have shown that women who are accustomed to exercise strength exercises managed to increase metabolic rate (calories needed by the body to practice different activities throughout the day) to 16 hours after exercise.

Follow these exercises that promote metabolic agent, which is considered as a routine athlete comprehensive for all parts of the body and the national average of their practice twice or three times a week. And repeat each exercise ten times and between GO Train and another without taking a break and then you can rest for a minute and then again a national exercise pack exercises respectively.
Again, the goal of these exercises is to build muscles soft and activate metabolism and thus and are able to lose weight quickly and without any complications, such as those that come as a result of follow crash diets to the loss of large quantities of sanitary materials needed by the body.
Exercise 1:
Squat exercises using weights
Steps Exercise:
1 - Nationalist to bring a pair of weights so that they are at shoulder level. Exercise is performed in a standing position and there must be a distance of about 20 cm between the feet.
2 - National pay thighs toward the floor cross-legged on the body while retaining the integrity chest without curvature and not to change the site.
3 - Go back to the starting point in the same order and then lift the national above the head. Repeat the exercise 15 times max.
Exercise 2:
Exercise pressure using the Swiss ball and weights
Exercise way:
1 - Bring a pair and Lie on your back on a Swiss ball with medical thigh lift is formed so that a straight line from shoulder until the knees.
2 - Without changing the angle of your hands, cut national at chest level. Cut back a little bit and then push again towards the top quickly.
Note: You must make the top and middle of the back fully on the ball and Medical weights should form a 45 degree angle with the body.
Exercise 3:
Exercise with the pressure put on the feet of the ball medical
Exercise way:
1 - Take the status of individual exercise pressure with the arms fully. Must be formed a straight line from head to toe. Cut back a little bit and then come back to the starting position.
Exercise 4:
Exercise using weights
1 - Nationalist carry and progressive left your foot forward and knees bent so that the left thigh is parallel with the floor. In the meantime, raise your chest toward straight position. Repeat the exercise with the other side.

The Three Best Exercises To Flatten The Buttocks

Do you dream of reducing the size of the buttocks and tighten? Whether the goal is to tighten the buttocks or downsizing, do not worry, we have three exercises will help you to do so.
The personal trainers say that many of their clients to meet one demand: tight buttocks is flat or flaccid. For this body to be strengthened buttocks
Fortunately, the muscles of the buttocks are considered one of the largest muscles in the body and respond well to stretching exercises and strengthening.
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Even if the issue of access to tight buttocks are not at the forefront of your priorities but you must build the muscles of this region. The muscles mean of course get strong buttocks tight and thus this was essential to avoid back pain, which is the core of the health problems in the United States.
Experts advise the American Council on Exercise Sports to do next exercise for 15 minutes periodically in order to get tight buttocks.
Make sure you always doctor before starting any new exercise.
Everything you need is:

A pair of lightweights
Athletic shoes suitable and comfortable for the feet
If you would like to do or more of the exercises you completed the first exercise of all his movements and then move on to the next exercise.

Exercise: to do this exercises you:
Stand with pulling back, chest and abdominal muscles.
Tilting the pelvis forward a bit
Take a deep breath through the process of bending the knee to sit down and take a squatting position gradually.
The concentration of the body carries on my ankle foot.
Consider eyes forward.

Arms extended in front of the body (so that they are at a lower level than the level of the shoulders).
Keep the back straight, and lift the chest and knees should form a straight line with the foot.
Maintaining the thighs parallel with the ground
Exhale when doing this situation.
Raise the body by the shoulders while keeping the back straight.
Install the ankles on the floor.

Stand in an upright position.
Keep fully in the conduct of the exercise 15 times.
Exercise lungs front
You will need to light weights to conduct this exercise. If you're a beginner would not mind doing this exercise without weights for a period so that we can strengthen the muscles of the buttocks and movement.

To carry the weight of nationalist in each hand separately
Stand upright with your arms left on both sides
The feet of your right foot forward while keeping the head and back straight.
Lower the left knee to the ground by slowly bends your knees (knee without touching the surface of the earth). Rise left foot off the ground but you have to make sure that the right foot properly installed on the ground. And also make sure that the right foot stretched out enough so as not to go beyond the left knee after bending it beyond the toes (you should see toes when do you see right down in this situation).

Push left foot down and then get up right-footed again to be equal with the left foot to return again to the starting position.
This was the exercise of the right side and exercise can reverse to the left side. You can perform this exercise from 8 to 12 times per side.
Exercise tide quartet
Push the foot up towards the ceiling.
In order to relax the body to be cut down to the ground, laying on the ground, arms and head forward between them, and likewise reduce the knees. Relax for 30 seconds.

Note essential when performing the exercise:
Do not move the waist while performing the exercise, and move the guy just because the waist movement injury.

Exercises To Burn Fat Waist And Legs

There is a belief or myth - you name it - if you say you want to tighten the feet and buttocks must all your energy to exercises and lifting exercises different foot.
But the problem is that if he succeeded in building muscles with a soft smooth appearance will not notice it, especially if one were covered with layers of body fat.

And so that we can get the strength svelte and attractive you follow the routine comprehensive athlete to burn fat with a particular focus on the movements that would redraw the thighs, waist and buttocks to show up properly. Introduction Joey Atlas
Therefore we select specific exercises for this purpose! Commit to exercise those exercises will not do any embarrassment later in wear favorite at any time.

These exercises will help you to five tighten and strengthen the muscles of your body.You should practice these exercises three times a week. Repeat each exercise about 15 times and the GO Train to another and permeate these exercises Break does not drag on for 30 seconds.

Exercise with body wrap.
Stand on your feet and keep a distance between feet with hands extended in front of the chest.Nonlinear step in front of your foot to the left and nationalist wrap the trunk to the left at a time when there bend your knees and lower body so that both feet form a 90 degree angle. Repeat the exercise with the right.You can make the exercise ball with pregnancy or medical.

Exercise cut wood reverse
Hold the medicine ball with both hands to be along the right side. Keep a straight chest and lower the waist down and knees bent to the way a squat exercise.In one movement, nationalist to lift the ball from the waist to the top hand over the left shoulder with individual feet completely. Go back to the starting position. Repeat the exercise ten times before moving to the other side.

Romanian dead lift, with standing on one foot
National lifting the right foot off the ground with the right hand extended forward. Lifting the right foot behind the body until it forms a T-overhangs and right arm from the shoulder. Go back to the starting position. Thus it is completed one of the exercise. Repeat the exercise 15 times and then GO to the other side.

Exercise lifting the side of the body
Lie on your left side with your legs extended and put the right leg just above the left leg.To lift the waist of a national ground until your body forms a straight line from the neck and even the ankles, to afford the comfort of your arm and the left outer limit of the left foot body weight. Wait a minute then with the other side and repeat the exercise 15 times per side.
Exercise the legs swing

Lie on the floor and my hands behind your waist area then legs without touching the ground.

Obese People Need More Food For The Feeling Of Satiety

American researchers said, that the people who suffer from an increase in weight may need to eat more food to feel satiety, even after losing some weight, because accustomed to eat foods rich in fat stomach always damaging.

The researchers found that of the University of Adelaide nerves of the stomach, which sends satiety signals to the brain seem useless allergies permanently after the consumption of foods rich in fat for a long time.The study also showed, according to the newspaper / Daily Telegraph / UK, that diets high in fat and destroy the function of the hormone lepton, which alters the sensitivity of the nerves of the stomach and regulate the amount of food we eat.

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The authors said the study, said that the meeting of these two mechanisms together mean that obese people need to eat more food to feel satiety, which in turn makes their own cycle of obesity continue.They pointed out that the nerves of the stomach does not return to normal after the return to a normal diet, and this means that a person would need to eat more before feeling the same degree as the one natural satiety.

The researchers explained that this study comes in the context of an attempt to discover the reasons to keep a very small number of people on weight after following systems to lose weight, and added that the study results carry "signals a very strong" for people obese and who are trying to lose weight, and also seeking to install their weight after following a diet.

Seven types of basic spices to lose weight in the winter

When you're choosing to spice dishes winter, you would like to choose species that help you to feel the warmth and working to lose weight. Choosing the right spice to winter dishes will not only help you to prepare your favorite recipes, but it also will allow you to lose pounds of excess weight.
1. Onion powder
The basic onion powder throughout the year, but it is certainly a necessary spice to winter dishes. It is also great because it always be handy when you are abroad or you do not have fresh onions. You can keep sufficient quantity of them in your kitchen cupboard, because the onion helps in weight loss and detoxification. So you can get a meal with a wonderful taste and few calories at home by adding onion powder.Cellulite Creams
2. Black pepper
It is necessary to have black pepper throughout the year. If you want to add a wonderful taste of the soup and sauce in the winter, the black pepper is all what you need! He also stressed the researchers at the University of California that the hiring of black pepper is the best way to get rid of excess weight as it increases the body temperature and causes sweating what make it a great way to lose weight. To maintain the fresh taste of black pepper, you can keep beans, black pepper, and then crushed to get fresh pepper powder.
3. Cinnamon
The cinnamon has a very distinct flavor. So it can be added to drinks or desserts or dishes containing curry. There is cinnamon in powder form or in the form of rods. The cinnamon proven to lose weight, as it helps to create a chemical reaction within the body which helps to increase the speed of metabolism. You can put some cinnamon sticks in a glass of fruit juice or hot cocoa to get a taste wonderful.
4. Nutmeg
Nutmeg is the spice of the best in the winter. Distinctive sweet very impressive in the cold months, as it is very convenient for the stomach and resist flatulence.
5. Turmeric
Turmeric is a spice with vibrant colors, so it is very suitable with foods that contain curry, you can also add it to the sauce or beverages. We find that turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties and is very useful in reducing weight. So Connie keen to add that kind of spice that improves your health and your dishes too!
6. Ginger
If you eat a lot of food and you feel tired in your stomach, you can have a drink ginger. Ginger helps to strengthen the immune system and eases the pain of the stomach and intestines, as well as one of the most important substances that help burn fat in the body, as the ginger versatile and very healthy making it one of the most important spices in the winter!
7. Garlic
When you're preparing pasta dishes are hot, the garlic is one of the most important spices that you can add to these dishes. Where we find that garlic gives the distinct flavors and it is very useful in weight loss and lowering cholesterol. But if you are planning to go out after dinner, be careful not to put a lot of garlic until it does not affect the smell of your breath.
Now it is ready to prepare all your dishes favorite in winter, which will be fed and much lighter with this group of spices. So you should be doing to keep these spices in your kitchen cupboard in the winter even always ready to make a delicious meal and a few calories for your family and your guests.

Relationship Between Sleep And Exercise

Truth: Choose the right time and you stick to it; the most important thing is diligent practice of the exercise on time. The practice sports regularly will improve the quality of sleep, regardless of the time of exercise of exercise.
According to a study published in the Journal of mental health and physical activity, the scrambling for 150 minutes a day helps people to get a peaceful sleep at the end of the day.
Myth Three: Eat muscles grow in "the gym" and not in bed
Exercise good strain the body; comfort but also effective and appropriate fit the body again, according to Bear sports expert and head of the company "Inspire System." Bear says that the man does not feel better through exercise, but touches the benefits of exercise after a period of completion.

During deep sleep increases the secretion of the hormone sleep "GH" that helps repair and build muscle after training. If you do not get the full deep sleep and quiet it would adversely affect the production of growth hormone, according to the doctor, author of "Plan Diet Doctor Sleep."
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Myth Four: napping for the weak
Although that does not compensate for a siesta sleep night unless they improve mood and increase alertness and improve performance, according to "National Sleep Foundation," America. A study published by NASA to get a nap for 40 minutes a day improves the performance of space scientists and increase their vigilance by 100%.

Myth five: exercise does not help man overcome insomnia
You can combat insomnia by going to the gym. And aerobic exercises to help you to sleep quickly but also help you to sleep for a long time which gives you a sense of renewed vitality and energy the next day.

A study conducted by the University, "North West" that aerobic exercise for 40 minutes four times a week improves the quality of sleep as well as it also relieves the symptoms of depression and feeling sleepy during the day and gives the man more vital.

In addition to the above, regular exercise helps in the elimination of anxiety, which is a major cause of the phenomenon of insomnia.
Myth six: the lack of sleep impairs physical performance
Research suggests that sleep deprivation does not necessarily affect physical performance or carry human ability. But the mental effects resulting from the lack of sleep may have a significant impact on athletic performance. So it has to be to get full rest even offer the best of what you have energy sports.

One can practice the same exercises daily, running the same distance at which he used to cut though he is not getting enough hours of sleep (7-8 hours). But the mood, anxiety and irritability that come as a result of not getting a good sleep will make exercise a great challenge. The greater the number of hours a lack of sleep as they become more challenging exercise.