Thursday, 6 February 2014

Some rules about proper nutrition

 It is possible to mitigate the adverse effects of cholesterol in egg body. Therefore, the ingestion of egg fat yogurt and simplifies the process of digestion. The older , less moving , eat egg allergies people as possible , people who are active and involved in sports often helpful to eat eggs . Because of the structure of egg proteins that are necessary for the human body , manganese , iron , copper , calcium and cobalt exists . In addition, an effective tool against eggs.

Truth About Cellulite Scam
Phosphorus nutrition of the nervous system is considered as the source of the eggs . 6 Eat as much as you like seafood . Seafood is very useful. Their iodine , proteins , vitamins A and D are enough . Responsible for marine ( fish ) prevents blood vessels . Blind the eyes of those who use these products often and rarely complain of memory . 7 Salt .

These foods do not give up completely . We can simply reduce the use of salt . Hypertension can not be categorically carriers salty meal . Complete rejection of the gastric juice may reduce the ability of the salt solution . Always be a certain amount of salt in the blood as well .

 But it does not mean that the salt should be eaten at any meal . 8 alcoholic drinks . Alcoholic drinks poison and tired body . Alcoholic beverages inhibits the activity of the brain , causing partial loss of movement and thinking ability .

 Alcoholic beverages blood circulation weakens. Asked later merged to form ethyl alcohol and iron in the blood causes the human. Generally to be used for the treatment of red wine , this is not acceptable to open a discussion about the use of alcoholic beverages .

Therefore, we are closing the topic . One thing to take into account that the spirits of the human body brings more damage than good .

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