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The Three Best Exercises To Flatten The Buttocks

Do you dream of reducing the size of the buttocks and tighten? Whether the goal is to tighten the buttocks or downsizing, do not worry, we have three exercises will help you to do so.
The personal trainers say that many of their clients to meet one demand: tight buttocks is flat or flaccid. For this body to be strengthened buttocks
Fortunately, the muscles of the buttocks are considered one of the largest muscles in the body and respond well to stretching exercises and strengthening.
Introduction Joey Atlas
Even if the issue of access to tight buttocks are not at the forefront of your priorities but you must build the muscles of this region. The muscles mean of course get strong buttocks tight and thus this was essential to avoid back pain, which is the core of the health problems in the United States.
Experts advise the American Council on Exercise Sports to do next exercise for 15 minutes periodically in order to get tight buttocks.
Make sure you always doctor before starting any new exercise.
Everything you need is:

A pair of lightweights
Athletic shoes suitable and comfortable for the feet
If you would like to do or more of the exercises you completed the first exercise of all his movements and then move on to the next exercise.

Exercise: to do this exercises you:
Stand with pulling back, chest and abdominal muscles.
Tilting the pelvis forward a bit
Take a deep breath through the process of bending the knee to sit down and take a squatting position gradually.
The concentration of the body carries on my ankle foot.
Consider eyes forward.

Arms extended in front of the body (so that they are at a lower level than the level of the shoulders).
Keep the back straight, and lift the chest and knees should form a straight line with the foot.
Maintaining the thighs parallel with the ground
Exhale when doing this situation.
Raise the body by the shoulders while keeping the back straight.
Install the ankles on the floor.

Stand in an upright position.
Keep fully in the conduct of the exercise 15 times.
Exercise lungs front
You will need to light weights to conduct this exercise. If you're a beginner would not mind doing this exercise without weights for a period so that we can strengthen the muscles of the buttocks and movement.

To carry the weight of nationalist in each hand separately
Stand upright with your arms left on both sides
The feet of your right foot forward while keeping the head and back straight.
Lower the left knee to the ground by slowly bends your knees (knee without touching the surface of the earth). Rise left foot off the ground but you have to make sure that the right foot properly installed on the ground. And also make sure that the right foot stretched out enough so as not to go beyond the left knee after bending it beyond the toes (you should see toes when do you see right down in this situation).

Push left foot down and then get up right-footed again to be equal with the left foot to return again to the starting position.
This was the exercise of the right side and exercise can reverse to the left side. You can perform this exercise from 8 to 12 times per side.
Exercise tide quartet
Push the foot up towards the ceiling.
In order to relax the body to be cut down to the ground, laying on the ground, arms and head forward between them, and likewise reduce the knees. Relax for 30 seconds.

Note essential when performing the exercise:
Do not move the waist while performing the exercise, and move the guy just because the waist movement injury.

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