Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Is the salvation of marital happiness in Botox injections?

The symptoms of pain associated with the marital relationship causes, including undiagnosed scientifically, and other unknown is given mostly specialists, which appear in the form of severe cramps in the muscles of the genitals, to psychological factors.

The fear remains, which is almost becoming an obsession for many women, a repeat of the experience of pain, the most inevitable! The tension that accompanies communicate intimate displays turn these muscles to crunch more and more, and therefore leads to the impossibility of communication, and even to be avoided by both spouses.
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Since more than ten years, the evolution of Botox treatment, attributed mainly to its ability to hide the effects of aging skin through the relaxation of the facial muscles expressive, even reach the specialists to be used in the treatment of vaginal spasms of all kinds, as a fast-acting solutions compared to traditional physiological and psychological. What do you say studies and experiences and opinion Gynecology in the revolution of this new generation?

What are the implications of the latter on the health of women and their relationship to marital intimacy?

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