Thursday, 6 February 2014

The easiest way to excellence

Always fresh , choosing a healthy diet in order to properly exercise as well as a blow to self-massage . Thanks to the massage head massage hair better fed , healthier , and becomes glossy . When washing your hair massage this nettle , burdock oils can during use . Hair and scalp mask is going to have a positive impact . Head massage oil 100 ml olive , almond or coconut oil , 1 tablespoon dried chamomile blossoms . These products put a dish in a water bath for 30 minutes .
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The heated oil, the smell of flowers him . Filter the oil in a clean jar after 1 week hold. After keeping Filter, put it in the fridge . Before massage, heat enough oil to cotton are to your head and hair . Brush , twisted in a warm towel for 30 minutes and wash with shampoo .

If you do not want to be cellulites’ anti-cellulite massage , massage effect as soon as possible if you want to feel , then held for cellulite body massage , dry with a dry brush in 1-2 minutes use creams . hand massage ? Take that time to yourself , or rather your hands massage them, reflex points located in many care , there is a direct connection to the internal organs . Hand massage has a positive effect on blood circulation .

The simple foot massage foot massage - barefoot in the dewy morning walk on the grass . considered to toe , do not forget to use soft gel .

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