Sunday, 2 February 2014

Prohibited Foods Ingested Before Exercise

Beats you nutrition experts warning bell even avoid taking eating certain foods before exercise, because of the resulting disorder of the stomach next to reduce the level of energy in the body, which makes you feel tired quickly after performing any exercise, even if it was simple.

Here are five foods experts warn of ingested immediately before exercise, with a simplified explanation of the scientific reason to avoid them.
Carbohydrate foods:
The pasta, potatoes and rice from carbohydrate-rich foods and to many, but nutrition experts advise taking it completely free of any additives or simply put tomato paste "sauce" on them.

In this, experts say feeding that many people like to eat pasta or foods before performing aerobic exercise, but those cuisines become dangerous if you add Cream Sauce or spices warm to it, where he works on each increase upset stomach next to increase the number of heart Once to do any movement.

French fries:
Probably be eating potatoes of the things that gives you the energy needed to exercise, but that does not mean that fries before exercise directly.

Light "Snack" fried be rich in fat, which slows down your movements until you get to the full feeling of apathy and the need for convenience, and therefore when you lose your desired exercise.

There is also some snacks “Snack” health, such as melted cheese or almond kernels, however, by the high proportion of fats also cause drowsiness, transformed into energy within the body, but less energy from carbohydrates and protein.

We cannot forget that high-fat foods give a feeling of bloat, which makes you feel the difficulty of movement when you exercise.
Protein-rich foods:

Is a protein-rich food a two-edged weapon, although the protein vital source of energy and build muscle can also be a direct cause you to feel overwhelmed when excessive exercise.

This is because eating high protein - either through food or disks that are sold in pharmacies - before exercise directly, works to reduce the required percentage of carbohydrates in the body, which reduces the energy level.

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