Sunday, 2 February 2014

Relationship Between Sleep And Exercise

Truth: Choose the right time and you stick to it; the most important thing is diligent practice of the exercise on time. The practice sports regularly will improve the quality of sleep, regardless of the time of exercise of exercise.
According to a study published in the Journal of mental health and physical activity, the scrambling for 150 minutes a day helps people to get a peaceful sleep at the end of the day.
Myth Three: Eat muscles grow in "the gym" and not in bed
Exercise good strain the body; comfort but also effective and appropriate fit the body again, according to Bear sports expert and head of the company "Inspire System." Bear says that the man does not feel better through exercise, but touches the benefits of exercise after a period of completion.

During deep sleep increases the secretion of the hormone sleep "GH" that helps repair and build muscle after training. If you do not get the full deep sleep and quiet it would adversely affect the production of growth hormone, according to the doctor, author of "Plan Diet Doctor Sleep."
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Myth Four: napping for the weak
Although that does not compensate for a siesta sleep night unless they improve mood and increase alertness and improve performance, according to "National Sleep Foundation," America. A study published by NASA to get a nap for 40 minutes a day improves the performance of space scientists and increase their vigilance by 100%.

Myth five: exercise does not help man overcome insomnia
You can combat insomnia by going to the gym. And aerobic exercises to help you to sleep quickly but also help you to sleep for a long time which gives you a sense of renewed vitality and energy the next day.

A study conducted by the University, "North West" that aerobic exercise for 40 minutes four times a week improves the quality of sleep as well as it also relieves the symptoms of depression and feeling sleepy during the day and gives the man more vital.

In addition to the above, regular exercise helps in the elimination of anxiety, which is a major cause of the phenomenon of insomnia.
Myth six: the lack of sleep impairs physical performance
Research suggests that sleep deprivation does not necessarily affect physical performance or carry human ability. But the mental effects resulting from the lack of sleep may have a significant impact on athletic performance. So it has to be to get full rest even offer the best of what you have energy sports.

One can practice the same exercises daily, running the same distance at which he used to cut though he is not getting enough hours of sleep (7-8 hours). But the mood, anxiety and irritability that come as a result of not getting a good sleep will make exercise a great challenge. The greater the number of hours a lack of sleep as they become more challenging exercise.

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