Sunday, 2 February 2014

Seven types of basic spices to lose weight in the winter

When you're choosing to spice dishes winter, you would like to choose species that help you to feel the warmth and working to lose weight. Choosing the right spice to winter dishes will not only help you to prepare your favorite recipes, but it also will allow you to lose pounds of excess weight.
1. Onion powder
The basic onion powder throughout the year, but it is certainly a necessary spice to winter dishes. It is also great because it always be handy when you are abroad or you do not have fresh onions. You can keep sufficient quantity of them in your kitchen cupboard, because the onion helps in weight loss and detoxification. So you can get a meal with a wonderful taste and few calories at home by adding onion powder.Cellulite Creams
2. Black pepper
It is necessary to have black pepper throughout the year. If you want to add a wonderful taste of the soup and sauce in the winter, the black pepper is all what you need! He also stressed the researchers at the University of California that the hiring of black pepper is the best way to get rid of excess weight as it increases the body temperature and causes sweating what make it a great way to lose weight. To maintain the fresh taste of black pepper, you can keep beans, black pepper, and then crushed to get fresh pepper powder.
3. Cinnamon
The cinnamon has a very distinct flavor. So it can be added to drinks or desserts or dishes containing curry. There is cinnamon in powder form or in the form of rods. The cinnamon proven to lose weight, as it helps to create a chemical reaction within the body which helps to increase the speed of metabolism. You can put some cinnamon sticks in a glass of fruit juice or hot cocoa to get a taste wonderful.
4. Nutmeg
Nutmeg is the spice of the best in the winter. Distinctive sweet very impressive in the cold months, as it is very convenient for the stomach and resist flatulence.
5. Turmeric
Turmeric is a spice with vibrant colors, so it is very suitable with foods that contain curry, you can also add it to the sauce or beverages. We find that turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties and is very useful in reducing weight. So Connie keen to add that kind of spice that improves your health and your dishes too!
6. Ginger
If you eat a lot of food and you feel tired in your stomach, you can have a drink ginger. Ginger helps to strengthen the immune system and eases the pain of the stomach and intestines, as well as one of the most important substances that help burn fat in the body, as the ginger versatile and very healthy making it one of the most important spices in the winter!
7. Garlic
When you're preparing pasta dishes are hot, the garlic is one of the most important spices that you can add to these dishes. Where we find that garlic gives the distinct flavors and it is very useful in weight loss and lowering cholesterol. But if you are planning to go out after dinner, be careful not to put a lot of garlic until it does not affect the smell of your breath.
Now it is ready to prepare all your dishes favorite in winter, which will be fed and much lighter with this group of spices. So you should be doing to keep these spices in your kitchen cupboard in the winter even always ready to make a delicious meal and a few calories for your family and your guests.

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