Thursday, 6 February 2014

Almond Skin mask against cellulite

Every woman wants to have cellulite legs . Therefore, I advise you famous supermodel Almond Sikelin the mask . Freshly prepared mixture of the main uses of the Almond shekels .

This mixture has the appearance of flawless legs . The composition of the mixture Almond thyme , orange oil and is. If you would like to have cellulite on legs , then you can use this mixture . Mixture composition : 10 drops of rosemary oil, 5 drops of orange oil, 5 drops of thyme and mix them all . Apply the mixture to massage your feet .

Then wrap your feet cellophane sheets . In addition , high-speed running and dancing Almond shekels to keep his body in shape . "The most important thing transpire ," said Almond protects these methods helped form the beautiful feet . Remember: every woman is beautiful . Simply , it is necessary to support a bit of beauty . Be healthy and beautiful, dear ladies .
Tips about Cellulite Remover
Anti-cellulite methods
Dear Ladies , If you suffer from cellulite , it will help you soda baths . But soda baths to accept ? 35-37 degree heat 300 grams of water, soda, add 500 grams of sea salt . Please accept vannanı within 20-25 minutes . It is also possible to lose weight using venin .

Another method is a simple silicone or rubber jar anti cellulite . It should be massaged over banking problematic for 5-15 minutes. Please take a shower before starting the massage , using a scrub , apply massage oil Edinburg banks have advantages . It is very convenient to use . Banking hold hands , troubled zone deposit , but I notice that your skin is 1.5 cm . Whether you are in the bank . Or zigzag motion to massage the bottom up, wash with water after finishing edit Marajo and pull anti cellulite cream .

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