Thursday, 6 February 2014

See the age , nutrition !

Each different creams as well as old-age professionals have devised a diet suitable for all ages . The main difference from the others is that this diet long-term . Youth 15-25 years of age from your partner , an enemy of the regime in the absence of any kind . To look nice and slim " young ". Its main feature is that the composition of the necessary calories : 1800-2000 . Important components of the diet, iron and calcium . Iron is the formation of blood cells (most teenage girls need iron ) . Meat and vegetables ( especially) than iron . Hardening of the bones is calcium .

Dairy products, cheese , eggs , mineral water rich in calcium. Females aged 25-45 years this excess weight gathering : a sedentary lifestyle , improper nutrition, pregnancy, stress . To lose weight and stay in shape you need to follow a few simple rules : everything , but I eat a small amount . At a particular time and eat slowly . Without the need to sit at the table hungry .

Fully saturated with a sense of the table to stand ( if you want to eat again after 20 minutes , so hungry , eat fruit salad ) . Stay away from foods , because they have a lot of salt and fat . Food diet is always oily fish , garlic , vegetables should be. Fish which are rich in antioxidants prevents premature wrinkles and heart problems . Garlic lowers cholesterol levels , improves blood circulation , fights cellulite . Vegetables are good for the operation of the organism . Drink at least 2 liters of fluid per day . He cuts the appetite , the body produces toxins , raises the tone and provide the necessary.

At this age most of the errors : chips , nut , candy, food , breakfast, lunch or a place to eat pine ; (or turns ) or hamburger meal with carbonated water , too much to drink black coffee . 10-12 kg of weight during pregnancy increases a woman . If it excess weight , then. Therefore, the special diets for pregnant women , doctors are present . Consult a doctor if you have any food to give up . Nine months because it is very important for you and your baby .

Cellulite Removel Creams
After 45 + years many women . This is a natural process in the body due to : hormonal activity decreases, slowing down your metabolism . As before, the right to make yourself feel lighter and younger condition.
The best diet is the norm to wait for everything . The body of calcium , zinc , protein , vitamin C is required. 900-1200 mg of calcium a day , which is to get away from the teeth to protect the health and osteoporosis . dairy products , chickpeas , you need to mineral water . Fish , seafood , zinc cells which slows down aging , strengthen the immune system , strengthens the nervous system , affecting the nervous system, the best natural antioxidant. The muscles need protein to maintain elasticity and skin tone . More white meat and fish protein . Vitamin C is necessary at any age . Citrus fruits , kiwi fruit , eat lots of berries .

Your device : Awaken your stomach and intestines to work in the morning drink warm water to help . 15 + years : Breakfast : half a grapefruit 2 kiwi fruit , boiled eggs , coffee or unsweetened tea . Lunch : raw vegetables or salad ( mayonnaise ) , white meat ( chicken breast, turkey ) , green vegetables ( broccoli , peas , beans ) , a slice of bread , yogurt or fruit . Dinner : vegetable soup or salad , or vegetables, fish, eggs , yogurt . 25 + years : Breakfast : coffee or regular tea , 2 slices of bread and butter. Lunch : raw vegetables or vegetable soup . Remember that more often hamburgers . As well as opening the way for more than 150 g of meat or fish (or 2 eggs ) ,

vegetable garnish , natural yogurt . Dinner : lots of fruits and vegetables ( raw or cooked in a little vegetable oil ) , yogurt or fat-free cottage cheese , herbal tea , rose hips or kefir brewing . 45 + years : Breakfast : coffee with milk , a slice of bread , yogurt . Lunch : soup or raw vegetables , 100 grams of meat , fish or 2 eggs , mashed potatoes , vegetables , cheese , bread, fruit. Dinner : vegetable soup , mashed potatoes , meat or fish ( to eat breakfast in aslıl ) , yogurt or fruit salad. Dear ladies , how are you , are fed according to their age ?

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